We are a Production Company based in Caracas, Venezuela with a modular design which allows us to customize our offers to the clients’ needs, scope and budget. With over 15 years of experience, our professional team has worked on production projects nationally and internationally in countries such as: U.S., Panamá, Dominican Republic and Spain. 

We strive to put forth production proposals where high-quality production, optimal aesthetics and timely execution remain top priorities, always ensuring we met and exceed the clients expectations from start to finish. No matter how big or small the scope of your project is, Black Cat will deliver. 



Excecutive Producer

She came across the production world by accident, working as a translator in an international production project, since then she fell in love with the audiovisual production world and has remained devoted to this industry for 14 years.
Her educational background is in Journalism with Corporate Communications minor, making her a firm believer of the power of marketing, its strategies and the importance of client relations.
A big advocate of team-work, throughout her career Vanessa has worked with some of the industry’s top producers and directors, evidencing how outstanding jobs can only be a result of strong collaboration. She always underlines the importance of developing and coaching her team and exposing them to new opportunities in order to help build the next generation of production professionals.



Walter’s passion for the arts started when he lived in Rome for two years studying a Certification from the La Sapienza University focused on Italian Language and Culture from the Dante Alighieri Society.
He was presented with an unexpected professional opportunity early 2013 to work as a Photography Assistant. While continuing to build his photography skills-set, he went on to study at the Venezuelan Center for Investigation and Photographic Studies (CIEF). Since 2014, Walter has been recognized for his work in the automotive, culinary and consumer goods industry.


Phototrapher / Director

After studying Photography at the University of Montana his long-standing passion for the art of Photography was clear, putting aside his professional background in Law to focus on his true passion.
19 years later he continues to work as Photographer and will now take on the role of Audiovisual Director in conjunction with Juan Ignacio Velasquez. As a self declared perfectionist he is constantly seeking new learning and development opportunities which have allowed him to specialize in the meticulous work behind aesthetics, story telling and capturing memorable moments that only seem natural after careful and complex photographic technique and execution.



After over 20 years of experience in the audiovisual production industry, he has had the opportunity to work with leading professionals in the industry for national projects in Venezuela as well as international project for Dominican Republic and the U.S.
Proven expert as acting coach and scene director, he is back in Venezuela ready to start new projects after having worked internationally with multiple brands for several years.



While completing her undergraduate degree in Journalism with minor in Audiovisual Arts, she managed to work as Assistant to the Director of several important films. In 2011 she studied “Cinematography” at the EICTV in Cuba.
As Director, Script Writer, and Production Manager, she has developed several short films which have participated in national and international cinematography festivals.  Her great passion lies in telling stories through images and sounds that captivate the heart and soul of the viewer.


Post-Production Director

Since the early stages of his career, Chiwi has collaborated with some of the biggest production houses in the industry which has given him the opportunity to work along side renowned Latin American audiovisual directors for iconic brands and companies such as Colgate Palmolive, Procter & Gamble, Movistar and Nestle among others. His exposure to such Tier 1 companies has allowed him to gain the “know how” behind marketing strategies, timelines, sense of urgency, approval protocols and technical requirements to excel at any post-production project.
With over 15 years of experience working with softwares such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro, his post-production software proficiency continues to evolve including 2D animation with Adobe After Effect, allowing him to incorporate the best post-production techniques to meet the Client’s expectations.


The Black Cat Team has forged long term relationships with experienced 2D and 3D illustrators and animators, who together with the supervision of our Director of Post-Production result in a very diverse team that offers high flexibility and ample expertise to deliver top quality projects of any scope and budgetary parameters, nationally and internationally.

Vanessa Báez
Excecutive Producer
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José Luis Vera “chiwi”
Post-Production Director
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